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Bengali Vaidya Samaj Jadavpur is a registered organization from "Registrar of Societies", Govt. of India, 2016. Although it was started in Facebook as a closed group for vaidyas' across the world, It's official operation started in may 2015. The aims and objects of the Bengali Vaidya Samaj Jadavpur, is established are –
a) To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage schools, libraries, hospitals etc. For the benefit of the general public.
b) To take all steps, necessary for the promotion of unity, fraternity & cultural integration among the members of SC/ST/OBCs and with members of other communities irrespective of caste, creeds, religion & faith and thus create better atmosphere for nationalism and national integration.
c) To publish or caused to be publish useful literature, papers, magazines or books etc.
d) To promote and encourage advancement of literacy, cultural, political, religious, scientific and technical education.
e) To help the needy / destitute students of all communities for the prosecution of studies.
f) To help the aged, sick, helpless and indigent persons.
g) To work for development, maintain and manage the schools, education centre, training institute etc.
h) To import and develop social awareness among the illiterate women and man by organizing awareness camps from time to time.
i) To arrange and organising dead body carrier for free rendering service to help the needy people of the society.
j) To open charitable dispensaries, first aid centre, blood donation camp time to time and to generate awareness amongst people suffering from thalasemia, cancer & HIV Aids disease.
k) To render to the suffering in times of famine, flood, drought, earthquake and other natural calamities.
l) To educate other people about pollution and to arrange plantation of trees in the localities to make the world green. m) To arrange and organize old-age homes to help the needy aged people from the society without any profit motive.
n) To organize an ambulance / ambulances for free service to help the needy patient/s.
o) Accelerate the improvement of the social conditions of the members and safeguard their interests by optimum level of negotiation or through constructive movement with or against the State and the Central Government as the case may be.
p) Work to develop our missing culture among the members.
q) Work to strengthen the unity of Vaidyas' across the World and use that strength for the betterment of the society.

Bengali Vaidya Samaj Jadavpur is working for the society and already helped more than 0 needy students from the different parts of West Bengal since 2015. (View Gallery)

We are now having 16500+ online members across the world and looking for it's country/state/district wise committee. Already we have created our Delhi & North 24 Parganas Chapter and looking for spreading further. Our Global Committee is working under the guidance of our honorable president, Shri Brahmananda Sengupta and already have receive the concent from the great vaidyas' (i.e. Dr. Ashim Dasgupta, Shri Himadri Kishore Dasgupta, Shri Ramanuj Dasgupta, Shri Kalyan Sen Barat, Shri Amar Sen etc.) to have them as our Patron for the development of our society.

Served Over 0 Children in West Bengal & Other States in India

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Executive Committee

Our Global Committee is working under the guidance of our honorable president, Shri Brahmmananda Sengupta and Vice President Smt Rupanjali Choudhuri along with all Other Office Bearrers...

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